Opportunities are you invest a lot of time on the scale if you are trying to lose weight. While it is absolutely a great way to track your progress, it's certainly not the only way. I speak about several other non-scale methods to track your development in Today is Still the Day. Nevertheless, getting on the scale is one of the simplest methods to see instantly whether you are making progress or not. It makes a difference in weighing yourself, so let me provide you some suggestions for getting the most accurate information.

First of all, how typically should you weigh? It depends on why you weigh yourself. If you're tracking your hydration level, you will wish to weigh yourself before a workout and once again after the workout and then drink 16 ounces of water for each pound lost.

If the number varies in the incorrect direction, I know people who weigh daily and get prevented. Then others will not go near a scale and have a real love-hate relationship with it. As I suggest in Today is Still the Day, if you're tracking your weight-loss progress, I recommend when a week at the most as soon as every 2 weeks is great too.

So initially, make certain your scale is correctly adjusted and precise. You want the most precise reading possible. Otherwise, why trouble? Then you will want to weigh at the same time, on the same day of the week. Your weight can vary anywhere from 2 to 10 pounds over the course of a day, and you do not want to error that for weight gain or loss.

I find the very best time is first thing in the morning after utilizing the bathroom and without any clothing. While they do not include a huge quantity of weight, you are not attempting to see just how much your jeans and top or sneakers weigh. You would like to know your body weight, so this is the most precise method to get that number.

I don't recommend weighing after working out since either you've hydrated while working out and can have water weight, or you sweated and are dehydrated. In either case, it will not be an accurate reading. Getting on the same scale first thing in the morning on the same day weekly will offer you the best image of how your plan works. And that's the whole point of using the scale. Isn't it?

Ann Musico is a holistic health coach and independent nutritional consultant. She has developed a "3-D Living Program" to help her coach clients in achieving lively health and wholeness - body, soul, and spirit. Visit her website at https://www.healthytipsask.com to learn more about the "3-D Living Program," her book, Today is Still the Day, as well as the training packages she offers. Subscribe to her free month-to-month newsletter and weekly email messages.

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